Cultivate a special place for wildlife at your home, farm, forestland, or campus – a place that you can take pride in, watch wildlife, and feel good about. 

You are an eco-minded landowner and want to create thriving wildlife habitats right where you are – in your backyard, farm, woods, or business campus.

I will partner with you to build a beautifully biodiverse place that reflects your values and provides wildlife with the special places they need to nourish themselves, stay safe, and raise young. You can provide all of this to wildlife, right where you are, and at any scale. You can begin right now. It’s easier than you think...

I make it fun and personal!

Choose from one of the following services:

In-person Property Consultation
Service area includes all of Maine and parts of other northern New England States.

I will personally visit your property and:

  • Listen carefully to your concerns and identify your specific interests and values,

  • Help you define clear goals for your wildlife habitat and landscape situation,

  • Walk your land with you and provide specific on-site recommendations for your unique plot of land – whether your property is ¼ acre or a thousand acres.

The In-person Property Consultation includes:

  • Devoted time spent on your property (for any length of time you choose),

  • My complete attention: I will be laser-focused on your specific land, listening carefully, and responding with thoughtful advice and expert suggestions.

  • A short summary reiterating what we discussed in the field and a clear outline of key recommendations for how to enhance wildlife habitat, right where you are.


Virtual Property Consultation
Service area: Eastern and Northeastern United States.

I will connect with you on-line (via the platform of your choice: email, Skype, Zoom, etc.) to:

  • Provide all of the services described in the In-person Property Consultation (above) but within the scope of a virtual (internet) experience.

  • Leverage on-line maps, imagery, and photos to provide you with well-informed and customized recommendations for your unique situation.


"Although I would have preferred to walk my property with Deb in person, I chose a virtual consultation.  Prior to our online meeting, I completed a brief survey to let her know what I wanted to focus on in regards to enhancing my property for wildlife. In addition, I sent her photos and a rough sketch of buildings, vegetation, etc. to give her an idea of what was there. Shortly before our online meeting, she sent me a few attachments (e.g., maps) that we referenced during our discussion.
Deb appeared online right on time, and after a quick review of my primary concerns, we began talking about options for removing nonnative plant species, adding refuge/cover for wildlife, and plants to support pollinators. She provided a lot of information, and although I was worried about remembering or writing all of it down, there was no need. Deb created a personal, private Pinterest page for me with all the plant species she suggested, sent me a report summarizing everything we discussed, AND sent me the recording of our online conversation – all of which has been very helpful!
Deb was easy to speak with, listened to and addressed all my topics of interest, and also answered a couple of random questions by email since our consultation.

If you are interested in making your property more wildlife-friendly, I highly recommend a consultation with Deb and/or attending one of the various lectures she offers!"

-Tammy C., Kennebunk


Customized Habitat Design Package


A First Light Habitat Design is a specialized type of ecological landscape design that is thoughtfully designed to provide quality wildlife habitat that is artfully integrated with human habitat (a home, yard, garden, farm, business or academic campus, and/or managed forestland).

A First Light Habitat Design can provide:

  1. Thriving habitat for key wildlife species

  2. Enhanced biodiversity

  3. Ecological integrity across your landscape.

When you hire me to develop a customized habitat design I will personally visit your property and:

  • Provide all of the services of an In-person Property Consultation (above)

PLUS The Habitat Design package includes:

  • A one-of-a-kind, visually appealing drawing, schematic, or map of your habitat design.

  • Guidelines and recommendations for implementing the design to enhance wildlife habitat, right where you are.

Examples of a habitat design include: a planting scheme for a pollinator garden or meadow, restoration of a buffer zone along a stream, comprehensive plantings of native shrubs and trees in a backyard, enhancement of brook trout habitat in a stream, grassland bird habitat design for an old hayfield, or a harvesting scenario to increase wildlife foods on a woodlot, and many more – the possibilities are endless!



Please contact me to receive a quote for the customized habitat design package. Many factors will be used to generate this quote including, but not limited to, the property location (travel time), the size and accessibility of the property, the complexity of the property’s features, and the complexity of the desired design.

Shrub-planting in progress at the Scarborough Marsh Wildlife Management Area to create habitat for the New England cottontail, per my shrub planting plan for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife  (photo: MDIFW)

Shrub-planting in progress at the Scarborough Marsh Wildlife Management Area to create habitat for the New England cottontail, per my shrub planting plan for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
(photo: MDIFW)

You can begin with the In-person Property consultation, and upgrade to a customized habitat design at any time.

You can hire me to do multiple on-site visits, as well.

Don’t see a service that suits you? Don’t hesitate to ask!