Expert advice and customized landscape designs to make your business or academic campus more eco-friendly.

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Your environmentally-conscious business, organization, or institution is a different kind of place.

  • You don’t want your green space to look like all the others.
  • You know the look…weedy patches of dry lawn and the usual nondescript shrubs dotted amongst a lonely bed of mulch.
  • You want your landscaping to be beautiful, inviting, and to reflect your environmental values.
  • You want your landscaping to support pollinators, birds, and other wildlife.
  • You want an attractive landscape that catches the eye, calms the mind, and makes a statement about your organization’s commitment to conservation and a more sustainable world.
  • Imagine having a certified wildlife habitat on your campus.
  • Imagine how impressed your visitors, employees, clients, and/or students will be when they see a sign that declares your campus a “certified wildlife habitat.”

It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

As your wildlife ecologist, I will partner with you to enhance your campus for the benefit of wildlife, whether you choose to hire me for one property consultation, several visits, or a habitat design package.

When you work with me, you will find joy and satisfaction in knowing that your campus supports healthy populations of pollinators and other beneficial insects, songbirds, and more.

With my personalized recommendations, you will make a big difference for wildlife on your campus.

Together, we will make your campus a wildlife-friendly landscape that is also a place of beauty for the enjoyment of your VISITORS, EMPLOYEES, STUDENTS, AND MOre.

It’s easier than you think!