With my infectious enthusiasm, ecological expertise, and attention to detail, I work closely with you to help you find a sense of purpose and pride in your landscape.


I lead you to better understand the natural world, through the eyes of an ecologist.

Because I have worked with so many different kinds of people and landscapes, I am adept at tuning in to my clients and crafting a habitat vision that deeply serves both the land, and your values.

I’m resourceful, nimble, and conscientious. Whether you have a garden, yard, farm, woodland, or campus, I build a habitat design that is customized just for you and capitalizes on the unique features of your land.

My guided walks, talks, and workshops are inspiring and energizing, leaving you with a deeper understanding of wildlife, their needs, and how you can meet those needs right outside your own door.

I am a wildlife ecologist with 25 years of experience in my field, and a lifelong commitment to wildlife conservation.

Before settling down in my native State of Maine, I was a gypsy field biologist for many years – conducting fieldwork and wildlife research throughout North America in a wide range of habitats (from the deserts of New Mexico to the remote tundra landscape of the Canadian Arctic).

Highlights include:

  • Researching coastal brown bears on salmon streams in the Alaskan wilderness

  • Advocating for the conservation of old growth rainforest in southeast Alaska

  • Tracking Canada Lynx and crawling into bear dens in the North Maine Woods

  • Live-trapping grizzly bears in Yellowstone

  • Banding puffins in Downeast Maine

Since 2010, as the sole proprietor of First Light, I have been partnering with landowners throughout Maine to create thriving wildlife habitats in their own backyards, farms, and forestlands.


I have led a truly “wild life”!


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For a full list of my qualifications and experience go to:

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