Expert advice and customized designs to improve habitat and boost the biodiversity of your forest.

Your forest is a special place.

You value a healthy deer population, the announcement of spring in a warbler’s song, the rich taste of maple syrup, and the bounty of brook trout in a clean, cold stream.

You might grow trees for timber, or you might not actively manage your woodland at all.

This much is true: you place a high value on wildlife and forest biodiversity, and you want to do more.

You want to manage your land more intentionally for the things you value most.

You believe that healthy woodlands deliver valuable ecosystem services like clean water, air, and productive soils.

You value the long-honored cultural traditions of the forest, and recognize its intrinsic, economic, and ecological value.

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 Meanwhile, you see forestland dwindling across northern New England…

As a property owner, you can make a real difference for wildlife by providing optimal food, shelter, and cover for an array of forest-dwelling animals.

But how to do it?
It can be overwhelming, to say the least!

Forest habitats are complex environments and new connections are coming to light all the time. Research findings and updated “best management practices” are published regularly by an extensive scientific and forest stewardship community.

As a researcher and wildlife ecologist, I sift the data and stay up-to-date with the latest recommendations – applying the best available science to meet the goals of my clients.

You may wonder –

How can I provide more nutritious wildlife foods for the animals that inhabit my forest?

How can I attract a broader variety of songbirds?

How can I provide nesting and denning habitat for a variety of birds and mammals?

What about winter shelter for deer and escape cover for birds?

What about vernal pools? How do I identify and protect them?

I thrive on helping my clients answer these critical habitat questions, and more.

When you work with me, you acquire specific knowledge and real, concrete plans for how to enhance biodiversity and increase wildlife habitat quality on your forestland – for years to come!

I will thoughtfully walk through your questions and concerns, and help you enhance your unique landscape for the benefit of wildlife, whether you choose to hire me for one property consultation, several visits, or a habitat design package.



As your wildlife ecologist, I will apply everything I know, plus consulting the best available science to develop a customized habitat design for your unique woodland habitat.

With my personalized recommendations, you can make a big difference for wildlife right where you are.

You will find joy and satisfaction in knowing that your forest is high quality wildlife habitat.

Together, we will enhance your forest to reflect your deepest values.

It’s easier than you think!