Gary Stevens

“I’m happy to say that I have known Deb Perkins for three years now.  Deb helped to develop a plan that I implemented for NRCS ( Natural Resources Conservation Service) for some of my old farm property.  She and I walked the property and discussed what would work well for conservation and my goals for the property and came up with a plan that met both NRCS and my goals.  I have started a program with NRCS and have consulted Deb a number of times for advice in regards to the different aspects of conservation that NRCS is asking to be implemented and she has been a great help explaining some of the processes.  She has provided a great number of resources available for conservation as well as information on distributors of materials and plantings that I need.  Deb has been an excellent resource for me and I look forward to working with her in my ongoing projects with NRCS.  Thanks Deb.”

Gary Stevens, landowner, Turner, ME